Shihan Roger Young  

Shihan Young's fight record according to the World boxing Federation (WBF) and the Professional Karate Association (PKA) from 1971 -1982 including amateur and professional status bouts is:

  • 17 KO's with 7 consecutive.
  • 8 defeats by split decision.

Held two consecutive titles, the Welter Weight Kick boxing Champion and Middle Weight Kick Boxing Champion Mid West Regional.

Completed the 100 Man Kumite in1980.

Was inducted into World Black Belt Hall of Fame Nov 2001. 

Shihan Young currently has over 42 years of training in Kyokushin Karate and Jujitsu under Sensei Takashi Furakawa and other various instructors throughout his lifetime.

Dissatisfied with the current teaching of today’s commercialized martial arts, Shihan Young built and founded the Torakan Dojo dedicated to God and the Truth in Budo.
"It is my opinion that martial arts today except for a few small factions have become an appalling mass of politics, greed and phonies.

The Torakan is a training hall and a test ground for the development of karate & jujitsu. I believe that to be a complete black belt one must not only be a technical expert but be a proven man or woman of combat and be effective in either a standing fight or ground fight.              

Consider the alternative..........who do you want to train you?"

                                                                    Shihan Young